manisnowba sent: Good .... which way is that?

It’s over in St. John’s, not too far away

manisnowba sent: Lead the way, you know the best bars!

Let’s head it ta George Street, there’s a ton of nice bars there~!

manisnowba sent: Nah, iced it all night. At some point I'm going to give my self frost bite. Let's just go get smashed.

Sounds good ta me den b’y~

new-nouveau-brunswick-deactivat sent: hehehehe silly newfie

D’oh, shucks~ 

mackenziemainejohnson sent: -grins- I'm doing alright! Fishing is really fun! I'm glad you were able to go!

Thank ya duckie (◡‿◡✿)

manisnowba sent: ,,, You know that doesn't sound like swell. That sounds like fucked up, *Touches it carefully.* Matt better has fucking set it right.

If it’s feelin’ bad I can go grab an ice pack or something to put on it, fixes er right up

mackenziemainejohnson sent: Bonjour, New Foundland! How are you? -smiles-

Doing right fine, duckie! Had a nice time out fishin a while back, but I’m finally gettin along back home.

How are you doin yourself?

manisnowba sent: Good. It's still kinda sore... *Frowns.* Does my face look ok?

Looking right swell, Manni! 

Though some parts of your nose look really all sorts of messed up, b’y

new-nouveau-brunswick-deactivat sent: is there a reason not good enough not to drink with you? ~

Not really, no

Any time is a great time for beeeeeeer~!

manisnowba sent: Texas broke my nose. Wanna go drinking?

Sounds like a good enough reason den anythin’ ta go get a drink, let’s roll dere Manni

((Newfoundland Headcanon~

He’s overly touchy when he’s being friendly/neighborly. He’ll pat guys on the back and gives “da duckies” pats on the head. He likes to touch people like that and hug people out of nowhere at times. 

He’s like this probably due to when he was younger when hugs would be the best thing to warm him up at night, and when he would hold and touch and play with Labrador whenever he could before she had to go away to live with Quebec.

All in all he’s just like a touchy guy :v))